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Coming of Age in Aging America will air nationally on the WORLD Channel.


Friday, June 30th at 6pm EST | 5pm CST | 4pm MST | 3pm PCT

Friday, June 30th at 9pm EST | 8pm CST | 7pm MST | 6pm PCT

Saturday, July 1st at 2am EST | 1am CST | 12am MST | 11pm PCT

Saturday, July 1st at 10am EST | 9am CST | 8am MST | 7am PCT

Saturday, July 1st at 4pm EST | 3pm CST | 2pm MST |  1pm PCT



What will it mean for all of us to grow up, live, and age in a society where half the citizens are over the age of 50? That reality is closer than most of us are willing to imagine. Never in human history have so many lived for so long – and not just in the United States. It is a global phenomenon ushering a spectacular social transformation. Coming of Age in Aging America tells the story of its dimensions, challenges and opportunities.





“Remodeling our culture and systems to align with our changing demographic reality is one of the grand challenges of our time. COMING OF AGE IN AGING AMERICA is a vital part in this work. This is a film that our society needs…now!”—Nathaniel Kendall-Taylor | Executive Director, FrameWorks Institute


“This is an impressive film. It presents the issues in a way that have not been presented before: an even-handed account of both challenges and opportunities, along with some clear-eyed practical ideas that help to avoid the starry-eyed “this is a wonderful thing” so often heard in the aging community… It’s an important work.”—Laura Carstensen, Director, The Longevity Institute, Stanford University



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