Founded in 2004, Vital Pictures creates media projects that explore provocative and timely sociopolitical and economic themes. Our projects seek to "connect-the-dots" of often invisible social systems and their historic construction, through meticulous research, storytelling, and innovative production design.

Our media projects are produced, broadcast and distributed in tandem with social network initiatives and public engagement activities and partnerships. The aim is to generate broad social discourse, education, civic engagement, and social change.

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  • * ideaPix just completed a scribe for the National Council of Juvenile & Family Court Judges. It premiered at the Council’s annual conference & will soon be available online.
  • * Raising of America which aired on Public Television in Oct of 2015 is now finishing year one of it's 3-year public engagement campaign.Read more about the project
  • * Vital Pictures & the Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University have partnered to produce a 3-part video series.View previous work
  • * Coming of Age in Aging in America is in it's final stages with an anticipated Public Television Broadcast in Feb. 2017.Read more about the project

Coming of Age in Aging America

A one hour documentary and website/outreach project more


The Raising of America

The Raising of America

A one hour documentary, online modules, and public engagement campaignmore